My name is Sarah Olson. I am currently an undergraduate student studying at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am an English Major, and plan to one day pursue a career in a field that incorporates literature. I write short fiction, and hope to one day complete a novel.

This site is a platform through which I will share my work and my thoughts about literature. I have also included information about my skills and experience for perusal by any interested party.

I strive to conduct myself with a spirit of empathy, collaboration, enthusiasm, communication, and learning to achieve academic excellence and to enhance my skills for future use in a professional environment. I seek to fulfill my dreams of becoming gainfully employed by becoming an innovative, effective, and efficient technical communicator. With enthusiasm for progress and learning, I will maintain personal integrity in collaborative environments, gain the skills necessary to advance in the workplace, and work for the excellence of myself and those around me.

I intend to accomplish this with honesty and integrity in my work, and sincere and effective collaboration with my peers. As a professional, I promise to hold myself to a high standard of accountability for my mistakes, and to hold respect for others as a high priority.

I hope to reflect such values in my writing along with my relationships with others.


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